Written Testimonials

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What Our Patients Say?

To anyone who is suffering from neck or back pain I highly recommend you see the doctors at Gilbert Auto Accident Injury Clinic. A couple of months ago I was in a car accident and injured my neck, I wasn't able to sleep and always had headaches. After a few short months my headaches have stopped and I'm able to sleep at night. The doctors are amazing and they make you feel like family.

- Hunter Lewis

I've been a patient with Dr. Johnston for about a year now. Do to my busy schedule there were gaps in my treatment. His understanding of my schedule has been appreciated. I'm noticing a positive change in my flexibility and discomfort in my back. Even my digestive track has noticed a change. I would recommend Dr. Johnston and his staff to anyone looking to improve there health.

- Clifford Sharpling

After experiencing severe neck pain, and spending a very uncomfortable night I made an appointment with Gilbert Auto Accident Injury Clinic, who had helped me with painful feet before. Everyone was very kind, as I was in a fragile state, Dr. Johnston ordered x-rays that were done that day. Later that day I had another appointment and Dr. Johnston outlined a treatment schedule , explained very thoroughly the problem, and I had my very first treatment that day. He even called later that evening to make sure I was feeling OK. In my opinion, very few medical doctors would show such care especially since I had not been back for 6 years previously. I anticipate a satisfactory completion of my treatrment schedule.

- Louise Janzen

After visiting with an orthopedic surgeon, I opted not to have shoulder surgery, and I chose to get care for my spine and physical medicine at Gilbert Auto Accident Injury Clinic. The injury to my shoulder caused a condition called "frozen shoulder", and I wasn't expected to recover for two years according to my doctor. Within six months I was at nearly 100% range of motion. Gilbert Auto Accident Injury Clinic offers the best environment for healing that I've been in outside of church. The staff is positive, uplifting and fun! Dr. Casey Johnston and Dr. Dane Kohl are both knowledgable experts of not only chiropractic care, but also overall health. If you want to feel better about your physical well-being, go see them!

- Heidi Hatch

Dr. Casey Johnston is a great chiropractor. He prides himself on doing a thorough evaluation and assessment along with educating his staff and patients on spinal care. I have been receiving care from Dr. Johnston for spinal injury and have seen improvement from when I started. The staff are extremely friendly, the atmosphere is positive, and the level of care is great. If you are looking for a family-oriented center for chiropractic care then Desert Springs Chiropractic Center is the place for you!

- Melissa Ciconte

After dealing with constant lower back pain for over half a year, I decided (with helpful prodding from my wife) to see a chiropractor. We choose Gilbert Auto Accident Injury Clinic, and I am ever so grateful that we did. I've been nothing but impressed with Dr.'s Johnston and Kohl and their staff. I really appreciate that they explain to me what they are doing and why.

After only a few months of treatment (and of course following all of the do's and don'ts) I had noticeable improvement. I've now been seeing them for 6 months and I am no longer in constant pain, in fact I am nearly pain free all the time. I am able to do the things I love once again, and this not only makes me happy, but also makes my wife very happy not to have me moaning, groaning and complaining around the house! Thanks Doctor's Johnston and Kohl!

- Stacy Guthrie

I have had back and neck pain for many years. The pain caused me to endure restless nights for a period of months. I had tried a couple of other chiropractors prior to Dr. Johnston and Dr. Kohl at Gilbert Auto Accident Injury Clinic. The other chiropractors were the same in that they twisted and turned me until my back cracked and sent me on my way until the next appointment.

I was referred to Gilbert Auto Accident Injury Clinic through an orientation with them at my gym. At my first visit I specifically told Dr. Johnston I was very skeptical and had little faith in chiropractic care. I have a totally different view now! This was the first time a chiropractor took x-rays and specifically showed me the areas of concern in my lower back and neck. They educated me and explained the recovery process thoroughly. The technology they use is much easier on my body during adjustments, so there is no discomfort. Desert Springs has me perform necessary exercises in their office to ensure my back and neck muscles keep my spine in proper alignment in conjunction to their adjustments (another first in my chiropractic experiences).

Within the first few weeks of treatment I was no longer tossing and turning in bed and was getting a good night's sleep! I am now a believer. Thank you Dr. Johnston and Dr. Kohl!

- Dan Pringle

I've been seeing Dr Kohl a short time ago. After the exam and X-rays he explained to me what is going on with my spine, nerves and ultimately cause all of the pain that I just can't seem to shake. The damage may have been from auto accidents, a number of falls I have taken over the years, it just keeps adding to the subluxations that are in need of help. We decided on a plan of action that will probably take almost a year. They were able to come up with a financial arrangement that help to cover this. Dr Kohl, Dr Johnston and the staff are great. I have learned some exercises that will help with the adjustments that are done with the Pro Adjuster. I'm not pain free yet but we are moving in that direction. I highly recommend if your looking for a chiropractor that you give them a call. They even hold classes to give you more information to get you back in touch with your body and how to help in the healing process.

- Nancy Southworth