Meet Dr. Casey M. Johnston

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Dr. Casey M. Johnston is the owner and Clinical Director for Desert Springs Chiropractic. He has been in full time private practice since 2001. He is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University and Texas Chiropractic College. Prior to his work at DSCC, he worked as the Lead Chiropractor for multi clinic medical organization in Houston, Texas. During his tenure he trained and established chiropractic and rehabilitation protocols for the Chiropractic, Physical Medicine and Physical Therapy Departments for the various clinics.

Dedicated to continually offering the most cutting edge care, Dr. Johnston consistently trains in new and advanced techniques. Using the most advanced research, Desert Springs offers a dynamic system for assessing and reassessing each patient as an individual. Designing individualized care for each person and their individual needs is our number one priority. Taking time to fully understand each patient’s unique situation has often provided success in complicated cases when medicine, physical therapy, surgery and even other chiropractors have been unable to help..

Dr. Johnston and our staff use Gonstead Chiropractic corrective adjustments, coupled with Titleist Performance Institute (analysis, strength and conditioning) rehab protocols to build an individualized and effective plan of action for our patients. Dr. Johnston employs both hands-on and/or low force mechanical adjusting techniques depending on the individual patients needs and requests.

Dr. J, as he is often called, has significant experience with over 16 years working with injuries to the spinal discs (herniations, bulges, degenerative discs, sciatica, etc.). After injuring his own L5/S1 disc, he developed protocols to help others recover based on his personal experience and success. He often employs Cox Flexion/Distraction, decompression and the McKenzie method for disc conditions. Often we work in combination with primary care physicians, pain management doctors and/or surgeons to achieve the best results for our patients.

Dr. Johnston is deeply commited to improving the health and well-being of our community. He regularly speaks to schools, businesses and organizations on health related topics. DSCC continues to invest locally thru it’s community outreach program, serving those in need. Dr. Johnston is an active member of Sun Valley Community Church (Gilbert) and attributes his relationship with Jesus Christ as his source for inspiration and success.

Favorite hobbies of Dr. J are spending time with his family, hiking, physical training and golf. Dr. Johnston was votes “World’s Best Chiropractor” by his mom.